Why, How & What

Why, How & What


Doing what we do has allowed us to reach so many people in so many different ways and it’s our constant desire and belief to make a difference in people’s lives and to leave this world a better place, even if it’s just one person at a time…


Simple to understand ideas, over a beautiful cup of Brew House Coffee in a relaxing atmosphere including a built in kids play room. But it’s not all roses depending on what it is we are helping you with you can rest assured we will stop at nothing to get the job done, but sometimes that means you have to help yourself too… Our job is to keep everything on track and that means being accountable to each other, there’s no sugar coating it at BLS Financial…


WE LOVE SUPERANNUATION, but we understand that Superannuation isn’t sexy… yet… and that it can sometimes be all over the place, that’s why our team of experts will chase it all up for you, including conducting Lost Super searches from the various different websites and if your happy we’ll even do all the boring paperwork to put it all together if that’s what’s needed.

Your Employer
We get that sometimes Employers don’t always pay entitlements, especially Superannuation, so part of being our valued client we closely monitor your Employers habits with paying Superannuation within a timely manner, and if needed we will contact your employer to chase up any unpaid Superannuation also.

Financial Advice
From time to time you will need someone to chat with regarding financial situations or reading over financial documents and interpret them into English and as a valued client of BLS Financial we are that someone.

Money Coaching & Spending Plans
We understand that cash flow can get tight, and sometimes there’s more money going out than coming in.
If that’s you then we can sit down over a coffee and help draw up a spending plan that is the right balance of money coming in and money going out and hopefully a little left over to treat yourself.

Debt Mediation
Not opening the mail doesn’t make those bills go away, and we get that ringing up and trying to make a payment plan is hard work, not to mention frustrating especially when they can’t speak English. We can do all this for you, and stop all those random calls from overseas debt collectors harassing you at ungodly hours.

Personal Insurance
Unfortunately, none of us are promised tomorrow, so we need a plan just in case. BLS Financial are that plan, we will custom design a Personal Insurance portfolio just to suit you to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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